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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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almost 4:30. time to talk to lawrence and find out the weather. >> starting out clear this morning. a pretty good northerly wednesday overnight and some gusty winds throughout the day today especially along the coastline and the beaches but much schooler weather on the way. that's coming up. and we have a lot of overnight roadwork and really slowing down the very early morning commute. northbound 101 highway 85 out to palo alto heading to oregon expressway. the drive in and plus the rest of the commute is coming up. thank you, a suspected burglar busted in his own home thanks to some nosey neighbors who may be among his alleged victims. kpix 5's betty yu reports the san jose suspect is being held without bail facing charges of burglary and probation violation. >> reporter: david molnina is riding hysteriac around his complex again. a month after authorities say this guy who lives down the street stole it. curious neighbors actually recognized their stuff in his garage. when they busted 36-year-old ryan paradiso during a
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probation search. >> as it opened up you can just see bikes and bike parts and then you see pieces of things lying around knowing that maybe something was parted off. >> reporter: that's not all. you a long with electric ons and a -- electronics and a handgun, they found silver wear and a photo album with currency from around the world inside. >> we identified some of the properties we feel is very unique and something that somebody would be able to identify. >> reporter: his crime spree allegedly started in saratoga back in april when deputies say he broke into the cell phone repair store on prospect road and stole a worker's imac. then he did online browsing and shopping. >> he used an account which first started the activities and then after that, he purchased a police scanner and it got sent to a personal address that was not his. >> reporter: that led investigators back to his home. >> he took all the good wrenches out of it. >> reporter: the woman got her tool box back. she didn't want to show her
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face on camera but says she's had $10,000 worth of electronics stolen over the last five years. she always suspected it was him. >> yeah he would just walk across and go into my garage and take my stuff and walk back into his garage. >> reporter: within a matter of minutes? betty yu, kpix 5. >> if think any of the items are yours contact the sheriff's department there. a standoff that had a fairfield neighborhood on lockdown already almost eight for-- for almost eight hours finally over. neighbors were told to shelter the place yesterday afternoon though when gunfire erupted from the house on springwood circle. the suspect fired more than 50 rounds damaging two other homes and s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the house and sent off flash bombs and tear gas. they finally entered the home last night at 8:30 and that's where they found the man's body. more than 280 people are facing charges as a result of a nationwide sting called
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operation cross country. some of the arrests came right here in the bay area. the fbi says the suspects are accused of luring children with money and gifts and forcing them into prostitution. >> a lot of times they were coerced by what we call romeo pimps. somebody they think they're in l with. somebody that -- in love with. somebody that takes advantage of them. >> in the bay area police busted 13 suspected pimps and rescued six children. the youngest was a 15-year-old girl from contra costa county who the fbi says was forced into prostitution by her own family. today at the state capitol. sex workers groups plan to protest a billing being heard by an ansy semicommittee. it requires 48 hours in jail for clients of prostitutes and new fines. the workers say police and jails are too busy for a crackdown on consensual sex. republicans confronted the commissioner of the irs during a lengthy hearing last night focusing in on missing e-mails
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it's all part of the wider investigation into how the irs treated groups applying for tax exempt status. as susan mcginnis tells us comments fell along party lines. >> reporter: republicans demanded answers from irs commissioner during a heated monday night hearing. >> i asked a question. >> and i answered it. >> reporter: committee hair darrell isa slammed him for allegedly misleading lawmakers in march. he said he would turn over e- mails of lois lerner the irs executive at the center of the investigation into the agency targeting tea party groups applying for tax exempt that status. but earlier this month. the irs told congress that a computer had crashed in 2011 and destroyed some of her mails. >> all the e-mails we have will be provided. i did not say i would provide you e-mails that dispored if you have a magical way for me to do that i'd be happy to know about it. >> reporter: some democrats on the committee defended him and say there's no evidence the computer crash was part of a
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cover-up as some republicans have suggested. >> the fact that you would be subject tonight to the barrage of an innuendo and accusation backed up by nothing for the purpose of political theater is to me reckless and disgraceful. >> reporter: a white house attorney subpoenaed by congressman isa will testify today during another oversight hearing. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> former commissioner lois lerner has refused to testify at two oversight committee hearings citing her institutional right -- constitutional right against self-incrimination. happening today we're expected to learn what caused the asiana airlines flight at sfo last july. two passengers were killed when flight 214 missed the runway after coming in too slow and too low. a third person was killed after a fire engine drove over her. today's ntsb hearing in washington, d.c. startings in
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just about -- starts? just about two hours, cover everything from pilot training to emergency response. there have been a dozen or so of shocks -- aftershocks overnight from an earthquake in alaska. the quake hit the aleutian islands yesterday afternoon. they're with a tsunami warning but that has been canceled later. there are no reports of injuries or any damages but 7.9 pretty substantial up in the gulf of alaska. >> that got me awake and going because sometimes you get the earthquakes there and we can have a tsunami here in california. you have to watch that closely. we were very fortunate. hey guys we are starting out mostly clear around bay area this morning but things are likely going to change in the day. the sea breeze going to kick in probably carry some fog along the coastline. but the winds are going to be gusty at times along the day today. over 20 miles an hour at sfo. some clouds will fakely filter in along the -- likely filter in along the coastline. be prepared for that. sunny and breezy this afternoon inside the bay and the temperatures still in the 80s
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in the many of the valleys. out the door we go this morning. we've got some winds blustery in spots already. fairly mild with the. temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning. in the afternoon about 86 concord. 79 degrees in san jose. 67 degrees a bit windy into san francisco. all right, let's check out with elizabeth and the traffic. thank you lawrence and the bay bridge. eastbound this morning, heading into oakland you will see various lanes blocked for probably the next 20 minutes or so. should be wrapping up by about 5:00. in the meantime if you're heading westbound, into san francisco, everything looks good. but the look at the sensors just past treasure island. we are seeing a few yellow sensors again heading out to the east bay from the tunnel. here is a live look at our sensors along the peninsula. i know some of our co-workers got trapped in this and have been trapped in for a while. they've been doing some road work on northbound 101 along the stretch heading into palo
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alto. various lanes blocked. we'll let anywhen things wrap -- you know when things wrap. one more time. everything looks good there. the nimitz 880 and oakland in oakland everything is good approaching washington to oak around the area though, three late lanes are blocked -- right lanes are blocked actually both directions until about 5:00. right now the commute looks great through the livermore valley. even through the alt manhattan process no big problem -- altamont pass no big problems and b.a.r.t. also looks good. great start system wide no delays. that's your latest kcbs traffic. michelle, frank back to you guys. thank you liz. now firefighters are expecting an especially dangerous fire season this year and as christin ayers tells us some bad accounting could make the situation even more dangerous in one bay area city. >> reporter: it's shaping up to be the worst fire season in years. and oakland firefighters are worried. >> it's something that keeps me awake at night.
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honestly. conditions this year are going to be dangerous. >> reporter: that fear is not stopping some homeowners from letting their lawns grow into fire hazards waiting to happen. we found the worst offender this home at 200 panoramic way in the oakland hills. it's failed an inspection after inspection. leaving the fire department to clean up the weeds and fine the owner. >> what our experience has been is there is a percentage of personals who are not -- persons who are not paying the fines back to the city. >> reporter: tonight a new grand jury report blames fire inspects for not doing enough to collect. since 2010 oakland inspectors have fined fire code violators nearly $1.8 million for failing to clear their weeds but they failed to collect close to $1 million of it. due, the grand jury said, to poor billing and collection practices. we wanted to see if we could find the scofflaws ourselves. do people who are dodging the fees are tough to find. we've knocked on this door a couple of times in the past
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couple of months and no answer. the property is foreclosed and the person who lives here refuses to answer. fire inspectors say it's costing them too much time and too much money to keep up. >> we're doing everything we possibly can with the resources that we have available. but when you have to conduct on average 100 residential inspections per day, per engine company, in an eight hour period of daylight, that's difficult for an engine company to do. >> reporter: but the grand jury is demanding change now before it's too late. in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> grand jury now wants oakland to create a department to collect those fees and put liens on property owners who don't pay. a bill to require a kill switch on all smart phones sold in california has passed a key committee vote in the state assembly. senate bill 962 would require the technology on nearly every new smart phone enabling an owner to disable a phone remotely.
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the bill cleared the utilities and commerce committee yesterday and now heads to the assembly floor and has already passed the senate. be prepare today pay more for your nonfat, nonphone latte at star bucks this morning. the seattle coffee maker is raising prices starting today. coffee will be 10 to 15 cents more. lattes and mochas will cost you 10 to 20 cents extra. it obviously applies -- only applies to grande and venti drinks for now. if it's too much for you, how about a soda instead? starting today, star bucks will offer carbonated drinks. it comes in three flavors but the new drink will cost you a whole lot more than that diet coke. price of a tall fizziio about $2.05. >> i'll take a coffee. today it's right now is 4:41. secretary of state junkier industry in iraq this morning. how the top u.s. diplomat is hoping to prevent a civil war in the country. >> and as we go to break, what's cool about your school?
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you can e-mail your nomination to us, it's easy. or your summer camp. and we might come out and feature your camp or your school on the program. we'll be right back.
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in iraq today, in a last dih effort to head off all out .. kerry secretary of state johnerer i can -- john kerry in iraq today. >> as marlie hall tells us kerry is trying to persuade political leaders to set aside ethnic and sectarian divisions and avert a potential civil war. >> reporter: it's day two of crisis talks for secretary of state john kerry. he went to a kurdish stronghold in northern iraq to talk with leaders about the role curds can play to help trenten iraq reese central government and -- iraq's central government. >> in recent days the security cooperation between the forces here in the kurdish area have been really critical. >> reporter: yesterday, kerry visited baghdad after a two
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hour visit with prime minister nuri al-maliki. the shiite leader agreed to form an inclusive government that would give sunni and kurdish minorities more of the same. iraq needs cooperation as it tries to stop the islamic state of iraq and syria, a group rapidly capturing parts of the country and vowing to take the capital. >> they do pose a threat. they cannot be given safe haven anywhere. because given safe haven. they will continue to plot against governments locally, regionally, and abroad. >> reporter: u.s. special forces are already in baghdad to begin an on the ground assessment of the fighting in iraq. the first step toward determining whether u.s. air strikes would make a difference. marlie hall, cbs news. >> american public appears to be torn over what to do in iraq. latest cbs news "new york times" poll finds 42% believe the u.s. does have a responsibility to go in and intervene while about half say
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no stay out. washington, d.c. will soon be getting solar power all the way from north carolina. george washington university and american university have a new deal to buy more than half their power from three solar power farms planned in north carolina. they'll be the largest solar power facility east of the mississippi. it's fixed for over 20 years doff deal. climate change is going to hurt regional economic growth. the report from the risky business project says costs will include lost property, reduced industrial output and higher health expenses and it was designed to convince businesses to consider climate change costs and long-term planning and push to cut emissions heating up the planet. all right, well the bay area was heating up a little bit? or not. >> yeah it's actually looking like it's going back down the next couple of days we're going to cool things off and there's a chance for rain in california. maybe not here but to the north we'll see some showers there. but today, it is nice and clear to begin with. but likely see some fog moving in along the coastline a little
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bit later on today. and the winds will be kicking up. out the door we go. we've got some clouds just hanging off the coast and you can see just beginning to creep a little bit closer i think that moving in later on in this morning. still the winds already beginning to pick up and it is calm into san jose. but west northwesterlies sustained at 14 at sfo. 12 miles per hour in san francisco. and the 14 in fairfield. we've seen some gusts over 20 already and those winds likely to intensify throughout the day. so as we head throughout the day, we're going to see lots of sunshine in the valleys and temperatures going to stay warm there. but it will be breezy at times especially in through the mountain gaps and through the delta. and then cooler weather in the middle of the week. so high pressure kind of breaking down now and you got the trough is digging its way along the coast. that's going to kick up the winds tomorrow and a few more clouds in our direction as we head in toward tomorrow and thursday. still hot in the central valley. 99-degrees in fresno. 96 in sacramento. about 67 windy into the monterey bay. the clouds along the coastline later on today into the afternoon and then beginning to
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make their way on shore. mid the high level clouds toward tomorrow. enjoy the day today. some sunshine and 70s and 80s in the south bay. 60s and breezy along the coastline. 80s and warm still many east bay locations. inside the bay it will be cooler and breezy into san francisco. 67 degrees there. about 61 in daly city. next couple of days we'll cool down the temperatures and partly cloudy skies. chance of rain to our north. then dry weather returning and much warmer over the weekend. liz? looking good. and we are for the most part hot spot free. just checking our san mateo bridge camera seeing what's going on. there's some sort of caltrans sign up and i don't think it's warning of any weather related delays or any accidents. probably telling you to drive carefully this morning and you can see the traffic all the taillights that's the commute direction westbound 92 is still moving at the speed limit. only 14 minutes right now to take you out to the other side. and 101. i mentioned some road work and our last traffic report. it's still there eastbound bay
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bridge. you can see a little bit of slowing. actually maybe it cleared a little bit just past the tunnel. maybe a touch of slowing closer to the pay gates but for the most part this should be map -- wrapped up here shortly. we just got off the phone can caltrans. still a little slow in the area between 85 and oregon expressway. again that's in the northbound lanes of 101 some folks coming into here got caught in some of the mess this morning. no delay at the bay bridge toll plaza. commute bound into san francisco. the nimitz northbound and southbound 880 taillights, that's the northbound direction. everything still great heading into downtown oakland. in fact you can see that middle drive time still clear 18 minutes between 238 and the maze. no delays so far through the livermore valley. either or the east shore and once again b.a.r.t. continues to run on time. they should have more than 25 trains all reporting no delays. that's your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys.
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all right liz thanks. that felon that had that hot mug shot could make a fortune just looking like a gangster. >> yeah you remember -- may remember this man. his name is jeremy meeks. his photo went viral when stockton police put it on facebook last week. well, blaze models tells "tmz" gangster models are in right now. and it can book meeks for as much as $30,000 a month. it turns out meeks didn't always look like this. here are his mug shots from previous arrests in 2002 and 2009. meeks currently being held on $900,000 bail and he reportedly has no chance of getting out of jail anytime soon. former new england patriots player aaron hernandez is expected back in a boston court today. he's accused of killing two men in a drive-by shooting in 2012. prosecutors say hernandez targeted the victims because they accidentally bumped into him in a nightclub. hernandez has pleaded not guilty for shooting them at a traffic light. the former football player is also accused of killing another man. 4:50 on your tuesday, a bay
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area girl writes a letter to google with a crayon asking them for a day off for her father. coming up the response that surprised everyone. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers out there. send us your questions about their health and well-being. just e-mail or on our facebook page. just search kpix 5/cbs and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, let's fly you around the bay area today. winds are going to be picking up along the coastline. and the fog is going to move in towards the beeches and some sunshine -- beaches and some sunshine inside the bay and peninsula. some 70s and 80s there but the winds they will be howling at
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points today especially through the mountains and in through the delta and along the coastline, east bay temperatures in 80s in many spots. enjoy it some changes coming and cooler weather is on the way. probably running below the average as we head in towards tomorrow and also into thursday. looks like we are going to see lots of sunshine in the north bay about 84 degrees in the napa valley. 85 in santa rosa. into san francisco, the winds will be kicking up this afternoon. about 67 degrees. and here's a live look at traffic flowing well into san francisco right now. across the golden gate bridge. in fact the drive time is only 14 minutes between san rafael and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. full look @ bridges on the tuesday morning drive to work. kcbs traffic coming up. and any parent and they'll tell you balancing work and family isn't easy. especially if you work unusual hours. andria borba shows us one bare girl's -- bay area girl's special plea to google. >> reporter: does anything tug at the heart strings more than a note scrawled in crayon? >> it's a very forward kid.
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>> reporter: apparently not at google. a girl named katie wrote her dad's boss asking if he could have a wednesday off in july saying ps, it's his birthday. pps, it's summer. katie won over google pegs and their -- execs and they're giving her dad a week of vacation. but in the pressure cooker that's texts, he wonders if the crayon plea was a ploy. >> it looked like a print out and a kid style crayon fund that a grown-up would wry to get a -- write to get a day off. >> reporter: parents say splitting time between job and a family is a balancing act. >> 12 hour days and on call and nights and weekends and it's really unfortunate if the kids get to that point. >> well i did go to camp mather with them the past week. they went without me and then they're going to go visit their grandparents on the east coast without me. >> reporter: sign agrees. >> the nature of the world of tech means that i'm sitting at home and i find myself glued to my phone and i'm checking my tablet and i have to remind myself to pull away from the twitter feed. >> reporter: 4-year-old annika
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wants nothing more than time with pops how much do you love your daddy? >> so much. >> what's the point? >> reporter: sharpen your crayolas, in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. >> google would not comment on the letter except to say it's authentic. >> there you go. a parking app is in trouble for auctioning off san francisco public parking spaces. people behind monkey parking have been told to knock it off. quote unquote. the app lets people sell off their space to the highest bidder at after they pull -- after they pull out. the da sent the ceo a cease and desist order. >> they operate a business that involves basically holding on street public parking spots hostage. >> well, monkey parking is based in rome believe it or not and it sent us a statement -- computer crashes, obstructif investigation.. coming it is 4:56 right now. missing e-mails, computer crashes, obstruction of
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investigation. coming up, accusations fly at a late night hearing into irs misconduct. >> and the ntsb expected to pinpoint today who's to blame for the july 6th asiana airlines crash. i'm mark kelly, coming up aviation experts weigh in. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the ntsb meets the n morning to discuss the agency's investigation into the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo. the board will then vote on whether to accept the report's conclusions which include recommended safety changes and the cause of the deadly crash. iraq's leaders take the necessary steps to bring the country together. it will be effective. >> secretary of state john kerry is back in iraq this morning to gain the support of kurdish leaders. iraq's prime minister promised to include more sunni and kurdish minorities in a newly formed government by july 1st.
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conservation can feel oh so right. ♪ >> the san francisco public utilities commission has launched a racy new ad campaign to encourage water conservation. from across the bay to around the world. the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> it is gone! good morning everyone, it is tuesday, june 24th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning en, i'm frank mallicoat -- everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 out the door a little weather and lawrence says -- do you like yesterday in you're going to love today. >> yeah going to be very nice outside. although the winds going to be kicking up today. that will be the major weather story. windy in spots through the coastline and the mountain gaps and gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour into the afternoon. out the door just a breeze blowing this morning. the clouds have hung off the coast but are about to move back on shore later on this morning. i think. so plan on some windy conditions a little foggy at the beaches today. some sunshine inside the bay and some 70s there


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